rabilargo2-transpOnaga Ambiental is a recent business initiative located in Extremadura which is dedicated to studying fauna, education, enviromental awareness and wildlife guidance within the region.

Onaga is the Japanese for Azure-winged Magpie, a species which is only found in the Iberian Peninsula and East Asia. A short time ago, the Iberian population increased to the level to which it can be considered an endemic species of our hills and pastures. As are all members of the crow family, the Azure-winged Magpie is an intelligent and sociable bird; both are qualities that define us as a business.

We are highly experienced in conservation projects regarding threatened species, conducting census of vertebrates, teaching of natural studies and ornithological field trips worldwide. It´s this firm background and our sense of vocation and excitement in what we do which most clearly represent us.

In different sections of our web page you can see what we have to offer. Please get in contact with us for any concerns you may have by filling out the form provided contact form or writing to us directly at: onaga[@]onaga.es.