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Marc Gálvez

Marc Gálvez

Biologist from Barcelona University and expert bird ringer in the Institut Català d’Ornitologia (ICO) since 1997.

With 20 years of experience, Marc took his first steps in the field of ornithology in 1994, and began to study the Peregrine Falcon of the Catalan mountains culminating in the co-ordination of the census of this bird for the national census for SEO/BirdLife in 2008.

Between the end of the 90s and the beginning of 2000 he realized diverse studies for various administrations like the owls census for the Parc Nartural de Sant Llorenç (Barcelona), the study of the impact of climbing on the cliff dwelling birds of Montserrat, or the distribution of the Lesser Woodpecker in Catalonia among others.

Since 2007 till now, he has been dedicated to the conservation of threatened species like the Lesser Grey Shrike or the reintroduction of the Black Vulture in the Pyrenees (expert in fauna for the Generalitat de Catalunya untill 2011).

As an educator he has delivered talks, lectures, courses and conferences about fauna from universities to schools and scientific conferences. He has been responsible for and/or collaborated in diverse scientific ringing (P.N. de Collserola, P.N. de Sant Llorenç del Munt i Serra de l’Obac, Ebro’s Delta, P.N. de Cabrera, Cellers reservoir, etc.). Marc also takes part in many projects with the ICO and SEO/BirdLife, both professionally and volunteraly.

Ornithology has taken him to 23 countries and more than 2000 bird species recorded. His travels include Turkey, Morocco, Scandinavia, Estonia, Scotland, Holand, Belgium, Greece, Uganda, Rwanda, Thailand, South Africa, Ecuador, Senegal, etc.

At the moment he lives in Extremadura, where his roots are and where he has always wanted to live.

Jose Guerra

Although a naturalist since his youth, Jose only became immersed in ornithology in 2005. He has attended many courses on ornithology, wild fauna management, scientific ringing and vertebrate trails among others. He has participated in census and following of bird.

Since 2009 till now, he has worked as a fauna expert for Trenca, becomming involved in conservation projects such as the conservation of threatened species by incorporating feeding stations in the Pyrenees and the conservation project for the Lesser Grey Shrike in Lleida among others.

He has given diverse lectures in schools about conservation projects and he has been to 4 continents following his passion for birds and fauna in general, which has provided him with experience as a traveling ornithologist.

Once again Jose is back in the land of his birth, Extremadura, and is starting this new adventure with a passion to apply his accumulated knowledge to his native soil.

Jose Guerra