Birding Tourism

Birding Tourism

¿What do we mean by ornithological tourism?

At Onaga our major concern is to provide the best possible experience for the client while prioritizing the well being of the birds by only taking small groups, observing them at a respectful distance and generally causing them the least possible disturbance.

¿What do we offer?

Guided tours for bird watching:

Thanks to our experience in the world of orithology we offer guided tours providing opportunities for observation and photography in Extremadura and beyond, with the onus on respecting and protecting the species that we come into contact with. We offer an ample selection of routes by the hour or by the day and we also offer an “a la cart” service due to the personal interests of the client.

Design and care of observation points:

  • Planning projects for land assigned for the observation of birds.
  • Advice and guidance for team creation. The implication of necessary measures for the protection and conservation in areas designated for birdwatching.
  • Advice manuals showing correct behavior for birdwatching as a touristic activity.
  • Business counseling on the needs of ornithologists for the tourist trade.

These decisions are made with a thorough knowledge of the needs of our natural resources and threats made upon them and by taking into account the local inhabitants and their customs to achieve the successful development of sustainable tourisms.


We also offer an “a la cart” service due to the personal interests of the client, throughout Extremadura and the rest of Spain, for birds and also for mammals.